Researchers from the ADI have been awarded a record breaking $2million in funding from the ARC 2018 Discovery scheme

ADI Director Professor Fethi Mansouri, Deputy Director Shahram Akbarzadeh, Dr Rebecca Barlow and Dr Yamini Narayanan will lead Discovery Projects.

Professor Fethi Mansouri said the funding reflected the investment and commitment by Deakin University in research into the humanities and social sciences as well as ADI’s unique development as a research institute of the highest calibre.

“It shows our commitment to research which is of the highest standards and of immediate relevance to our communities and societies, a commitment which has been recognised by the ARC,” he said.
“It was good to also see we were successful in more than one scheme.”

Professor Mansouri cited the Institute’s support for Early Career Researchers and commitment to excellence as critical to its success.

“We work hard to ensure we have the best support schemes and peer review mechanisms in place for our researchers, but above all we try to create an inclusive supportive environment for our researchers which enables all of us to submit competitive research proposals of the highest order.”

Professor Mansouri, with two international partner investigators (Professor Lori Beaman from  University of Ottawa, Canada  and Dr Serena Hussain from Coventry University, United Kingdom) will lead an exciting innovative comparative project which aims to challenge theoretical and policy  debate around migrant youth and their access to trans-cultural capital.

“Transcultural capital refers to those skills, resources and knowledge accessed through multiple cultural repertoires,” Professor Mansouri explained.

“The project will examine how this can affect young people’s ability to instigate, negotiate and maintain socio-cultural connections locally, trans-locally, and trans-nationally.

“The project is international in its design and will be undertaken through a comparative study of three highly diverse urban contexts: Melbourne, Birmingham and Toronto.”

Fethi Mansouri