Partnerships for impactful social transformations

In collaboration with Frank McGuire, Member of Parliament for Broadmeadows, the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation (ADI) hosted the inaugural partnerships summit earlier in May.

Speaking to the summit, Prof. Mansouri said it is vital that empirically based and socially beneficial knowledge aimed at tackling the major issues of our time, the kind produced by ADI, informs policy and best practice programs.

As one of the country’s leading social sciences and humanities research institute, ADI has a strong commitment to genuinely collaborative research where impact informs and drives our research agenda, leading to the depth and breadth of invaluable interdisciplinary research
— Prof. Fethi Mansouri

ADI’s thematic research streams are structured around the areas of governance, development and Peace, Mobility, Diversity and Multiculturalism, and Culture, Environment and Science

Organised in the spirit of sharing knowledge, the summit hopes to highlight some of ADI's existing partnerships, as well as forge new ones with organisations whose research interests align.