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Report: (2017) 'Doing Diversity Project: Revitalising multiculturalism through intercultural dialogue and deliberative interventions'
Investigators: F. Mansouri, A. Elias, R. Sweid
Grant: (2016) Revitalising Multiculturalism via Deliberative Interventions

Report: (2016) ‘Islamic Religiosity in the West: Belonging and Political Engagement in Multicultural Cities’
Project website:
Investigators: F. Mansouri, M. Lobo, B. Turner, A. Johns. and L. Kirpitchenko.
Grant: Islamic Religiosity and Challenge of Political Engagement and National Belonging in Multicultural Western Cities

Report: (2016) ‘Assessing Cultural Diversity in the Arts Sector’
Project website:
Investigators: F. Mansouri, Y. Paradies & D. Ben-Moshe
Grant: Deakin University and Diversity Arts Australia (formerly known as Kultour Foundation)

Report: (2015) 'Intergenerational Relations in Newly-Arrived Communities in Victoria: A Pilot Study Report'
Investigators: F. Mansouri, D. Ben-Moshe, A. Johns
Grant: (2013 - 2014) Intergenerational Conflict Among Migrant Families

Report: (2015) 'Doing Diversity-Intercultural Understanding in Primary and Secondary Schools'
Investigators: C. Halse, F. Mansouri, et al
Grant: (2012 - 2015) Intercultural Understanding in Primary and Secondary Schools

Report: (2015) 'Identity: Yours, Mine, Ours' Exhibition Research Project Evaluation Report. Museum Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria.
Investigators: J. Walton, Y. Paradies, M. McFadzean, J. Molloy, L. Sproul, N. Priest, E. Kowal, F. Mansouri, M. Kelaher, C. Meehan
Grant: (2012 - 2014) Using Museums to Counter Racism and Increase Acceptance of Diversity Among Young People

Report: (2014) 'Arab-Australians in Victoria, needs assessment and Community Capacity Building'
Investigators: F. Mansouri, C. Makhoul.
Grant: (2002) Building a resilient Arabic community’, a State Government Funding initiative
Additional Contributers: S. Kenny, K. Brown, J. Loza

Report: (2013) 'Social networks, Belonging & Active citizenship among migrant youth in Australia'
Project website:
Investigators: F. Mansouri, Z. Skrbiš
Grant: (2009 - 2013) Social Networks and Intercultural Identity Negotiation Among Migrant Youth in Australia
Additional Contributers: M. Chiment, A. Karimshah, L. Kirpitchenko, M. Mikola, L. Effeney

Report: (2009), ‘The impact of racism upon the health and wellbeing of young Australians'.
Investigators: F. Mansouri, L. Jenkins, L. Morgan & M. Taouk.
Grant: Foundation for Young Australians: Melbourne

Report: (2007), ‘Promoting Intercultural Understanding in Australia: An Evaluation of Local Government Initiatives in Victoria’.
InvestigatorsF. Mansouri, S. Kenny and C. Strong
Grant:  Deakin University and the Darebine City Council. 

Report: (2006) 'Asylum seekers in Howard’s Australia: The social and economic costs of temporary protection Visas'.
Investigator: F. Mansouri
Grant: (2004) Economic and social rights of asylum seekers

Report: (2006) ‘Mediation and conflict resolution among the Arab-Speaking community in Melbourne'
Investigator: F. Mansouri, C. Makhoul, J. Sankari, T. Christie, B. Warren
Centre for Citizenship & Human Rights (CCHR), Deakin University: Geelong

Report: (2005) 'Arabic Communities and Well Being: Supports and Barriers to Social Connectedness'
Investigator: F. Mansouri, S. Kenny, P. Spratt
Grant: (2003) Arabic communities and well-being: supports and barriers to social connectedness

Report: (2004), ‘Arab-Australians in Victoria: Needs Assessment and Capacity Building’,
Investigators: F. Mansouri & C. Makhoul.
Grant:  State Governent Community Support Fund; commissioned by VASS (Victorian Arabic Social Services)

Report: (2003), ‘Critical perspectives on refugee policy in Australia’. from a symposium hosted by the Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation, Faculty of Arts, Deakin University, December 5, 2002
Investigators: M. Leach & F. Mansouri
Centre for Citizenship & Human Rights (CCHR), Deakin University: Melbourne, Australia.

Report: (2002), ‘Politics of Social Exclusion: Refugees on Temporary Protection Visa in Victoria’.
Investigators: F. Mansouri & M. Bagdas.
Grant: Centre for Citizenship & Human Rights (CCHR), Deakin University: Geelong.