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Interview Transcripts 

Interview Transcripts

SBS, 'Settlement Guide: Australia's political system' (6 June 2016)

SBS,  SBS to attend international SCOA conference, (4 May 2016)

SBS, 'journalist Manpreet Singh spoke to some of the key participants in the forum to explore their views about inclusiveness and Australian diversity' (20 October 2011)

ABC Radio The World Today, 'Islamic schools under pressure to monitor curriculum' (5 August 2005)

ABC Radio National The World Today, interview RE the release of Douglas Wood in Iraq 'Wood release: luck or skill' (15 July 2005).

ABC Radio National AM program,'10 minute interview RE the upsurge of violence in Iraq following the new government is sworn in'.(5 May 2005)

ABC Radio National PM 10 minute interview on the Arab summit 'Iraqi stalemate broken' (5 April 2005) 

ABC Radio National PM 'Peace back on Arab league agenda: Experts' (23 March 2005) 

ABC RN 'The Temporary Protection Visa Must Go!' (6 August 2004)

ABC National interview with Mark Colven (8 minutes), for the PM program. (24 March 2004)

ABC Radio The world today, World at Noon Program with John Highfield, Interview 7 minutes RE: Cultural sensitivities in the War on Iraq. (8 April 2003)

ABC Radio The world today, Interview 10 minutes RE: 'Arab media networks diverify war coverage' (23 March 2003)